Reviews · Fuzzy · Underjordiske klange og tilstande

Two Danish newspapers have reviewed the world premiere of Underjordiske klange og tilstande by Fuzzy performed October 7 by brass and percussionists of Copenhagen Phil, 14 speakers, and computer in Cisternerne.

Fuzzy · Photo by Lars Svankjær

Fuzzy's new piece, Underjordiske klange og tilstande (Underground tones and states) had world premiere October 7 in the former water reserves of Copenhagen, Cisternerne. Performing artists were brass and percussionists of Copenhagen Phil, computer and 14 speakers. 

The day after the premiere, the Danish newspaper Politiken published a review, describing the experience as circular:

“Vi had a very simple experience, shaped like a circle it began quietly and ended in the same quiet place half an hour later. In a way, the experience was shaped like a lifetime beginning with one brass note from all corners and sounds of laughter, birds, and water, ending in a solemn tone with a beautiful round bass note played by a tuba. In between those two poles, there were sad melodies, vehement vibrant intensification, the carefree life in blues, silence, thundering culminations, and clean monotony.”

Associating the piece with the circle of life, the review assesses Fuzzy as a unique composer, as he manages to mix genres and traditions in an easy, carefree manner. 

“Romantic brass chords were side by side with sounds of birds, blue jazzy notes, and cutting synthesizing tones like a narrative across borders we normally divide art into. But the traditional boundaries do not seem to interest him at all,”

Contrasting the descriptive review in Politiken, a shorter version is to be found in Information, describing the experience in just one sentence:

“A wizard of tones doing magic with electronic and classical instruments which elevate it to beauty”. 

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