Rofelt and Stauning awarded by Danish Arts Foundation

The Danish Arts Foundation points out 11 remarkable works from 2018, covering all genres of music. Among the selected works are Martin Stauning's 'Liminality' and Kasper Rofelt's 'Night Phase'.

Photo: Caroline Bittencourt

Martin Stauning wrote 'Liminality' for The Danish National Symphony Orchestra who premiered the piece in April 2018. The Danish Arts Foundation writes about the work:

"Stauning masters the beautiful timbre of the orchestra. His music is poetic and abstract and celebrates the joy of sitting together so many people, listening to lavish soundscapes and small quivering details so intensely that time and place cease to exist." 

Kasper Rofelt during rehearsals of 'Night Phase'. Photo: Trine Lai

Kasper Rofelt's cello concert 'Night Phase' was premiered by Odense Symphony Orchestra and cellist Jakob Kullberg in March 2018. The motivation from the Danish Arts Foundation reads: 

"Rofelt is not afraid to write in a melodic and tonal, harmonic style, and at the same time he dares to hand over extensive parts of the work to an improvising soloist. This is a beautiful work that ought to be known by a wider public."

Read the motivations from the Danish Arts Foundation here. (In Danish)