Rune Glerup at Wundergrund

The Danish festival Wundergrund are at the tipping point of explosion and it will take you far beyond the boarders of music and sound. 

Edition·S–music¬sound¬art can announced that we have one of our young and talented composers on the programme during Wundergrund. It is Rune Glerup’s piece Objets/décalages (2006-2007) that will be performed by Trio Gamán & Garth Knox on October 30 at 8 pm at the Literaturhaus in Copenhagen.

“An important aspect of this kind of thinking is that the traditional linear conception of a work is replaced by a kind of non-linear time. With the disappearance of the linear, narrative is also taken away and musical tension therefore arises in another way – as a result of the friction between the musical objects.” Continue reading here.

It will be an evening filled with tonal seduction floating in the room, and one can only hope to find footing afterwards.