Rune Glerup Awarded the Bisballe Prize

The young composer Rune Glerup has just been announced as this year’s recipient of the Bisballe Prize. This will be celebrated Monday February 18, 2013 at 4 pm with a concert and a reception.

It is the composer and member of the Bisballe committee Fuzzy, who has nominated Rune Glerup for the prize and in connection to this he says: ” When you listen to Rune Glerup’s music, you are, without being able to explain it, on immediately. Despite its great complexity, it feels straightforward to move around in his musical universe, which both captivates and surprises.”

The Bisballe Foundation was founded in 1981 by Jens Bisballe and has since that supported social, research and cultural projects. From 2001 and onwards the Bisballe Foundation has been focusing on the Bisballe Prize, which every year awards 75,000 DKKr. to a Danish artist in one of 6 genres: visual arts and sculptor, film and multimedia, performance art, architecture and design, literature and poetry and finally, composition and sound art. The list of former recipients includes Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composers Simon Steen-Andersen (2005) and Li-Ying Wu (2010), and now Rune Glerup is the fortunate recipient of the prize.

According to the Bisballe Foundation, the prize is awarded to an artist that is especially gifted, but has not yet received recognition outside a small circle. The recipient has a strong, independent expression, and has created innovative and significant works.