Rune Glerup On Air

It is not news anymore that the young composer Rune Glerup is experiencing great success at the moment. Fortunately this growing popularity does not seem to have an end and now he can be experienced both on radio and on film.

First up, the Aarhus-based think tank “Center for Vild Analyse” (red. Center for Wild Analysis) has made a programme about Rune under the title “Rune Glerup and his musical objects”. The programme will be aired on Sunday at 5 pm.

More information about the Think tank here.

In the middle of an exciting time for Rune Edition·S decided to make a video portrait of him. Edition·S met him in Copenhagen – just before the performance of his piece “Objets/décalages” at Wundergrund Festival – for a talk about breaking boundaries, being inspired by the sounds of the city and the complexity of composing something that is pure minimalism in its essence.

We have made a short video portrait for you to enjoy and get an inside-view on Rune and his thoughts on sound, music and art.


So, there are no excuses not to tune in on Rune Glerup this weekend!