Rune Glerup Receives 3-Year Work Grant

Today it was announced that Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composer Rune Glerup is the receiver of the Danish Arts Foundation’s three-year work grant.

The Danish Arts Foundation writes:

Rune Glerup started composing at a very young age, and almost just as early he found the red thread in his compositional project, which he since has explored and developed, so he today appears as one of the most personal and original composers of his generation. His music is sound – just sound. His music is tone – just tone. His music is just music because his starting point is always that sound, tone and music should be able to speak for itself. That music is a language in itself that doesn’t need to be translated into another language. In his work creating this abstract music, where music alone is abstracting, his starting point early in his compositional career was the central European modernism. In works such as Objets / décalages from 2008 and Dust Encapsulated #2 from 2009 – both works for smaller chamber orchestras – the inspiration and starting point became the approach to his own compositional method, where he creates musical objects of short duration, and where his superior instrumentation skills and delicate sense of sound give these objects a clear and unique identity. The objects are repeated “literally” again and again, but are put in between other – just as poignant – objects and through these juxtapositions, where the listener constantly meets the music from a new angle, each object constantly gets a new meaning. Suddenly the tone, that is only the sound, that is only the music, has become an overwhelming composed story – a distinguished sculpture of time that, as a listener, you can move around and into. The simple becomes complex and the complex becomes simple in a fascinating refined way. In his latest works Sonata in Seven Movements (2010) and Examples of Dust (2012) for large ensemble and electronics – the objects glide into greater composed forms and the sound and the tone’s stories become clearer. The great sound sculpture is put into a greater landscape of time and the works mark at the same time a condensation of Glerup’s original universe.

In 2010 Rune Glerup finished his compositional studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen with a debut concert under the auspices of London Sinfonietta, after which he continued his studies in Paris at IRCAM. Rune Glerup had already before his debut concert positioned himself not only nationally, but also internationally. For example the piano concert and Dust Encapsulated #2 were presented at La Biennale di Venizia in 2012 and Ensemble Intercontemporain premiered Examples of Dust in Paris.

With the three-year work grant we wish to acknowledge Rune Glerup’s original talent and give him an opportunity for immersion in and development of his visions.

Congratulations to Rune! We look forward to hearing what immersion will bring.