Rune Glerup's “Clarinet Quintet” to Be Performed in Paris

On 15 June during the prestigious IRCAM festival Manifeste 2015 the French Quatour Diotima and clarinetist Alain Billard will perform Rune Glerup's “Clarinet Quintet (Still leaning toward this Machine)”

Photo: Lars Svankjær
About his piece Rune Glerup says:

“My quintet is a bit atypical for my normal style of writing in as much as it's filled with references to musical experiences that have been important to me. The most obvious is a quote from Boulez’ Second Piano Sonata, which is transformed into my own material, but there are others as well. Among these are Stravinsky, Beethoven, Lachenmann and especially Mozart and Brahms who both wrote emblematic clarinet quintets ... In spite of the many references I don't see the piece as a postmodern collage of all these inspirations, but as an homage to a number of important experiences that have contributed to the formation of my own voice with which the piece is written.”

The piece will have its Danish premiere on 12 July during the Hindsgavl Festival.

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