Save 20% on all scores by Else Marie Pade

On the occasion of the first-ever album release of Else Marie Pade's orchestral works, we want to flaunt the great selection of scores that have very recently been made available in the Edition·S catalogue.

In the Edition·S catalogue you will find the scores for all four orchestral works presented on the new album: Etude for violin and orchestra, Parametre for string orchestra, the Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra and Sept Piéces en couleurs, a suite for chamber orchestra.

Else Marie Pade: Etude 
Else Marie Pade: Etude 

Besides from that, the catalogue holds works in a great variety of categories: Immortella a ballet pantomime for 7 percussionists electroacoustically processed, A Game For Cello for solo cello and visuals, the TV ballet Græsstrået for prepared piano, violin and electronic music, Völo-spa hov est for choir and much more.

Else Marie Pade was never represented by a music publisher while she was alive, but after her death, her tapes, scripts and notes were handed over to Edition·S, where they have been examined, restored, digitized and published.

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