Save the date!

Summer is upon us and the holiday destinations are calling, but before the calendar is put away, save a few dates in august and september. There is plenty of new music to look forward to, and we have listed some of the noteworthy premieres in the coming months.

Double Concert · Line Tjørnhøj: ØR

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra premieres Line Tjørnhøj's concert for percussion duo and orchestra, ØR. The work is written as a tribute to the composer colleague Per Nørgård, who turns 90this year. Line Tjørnhøj takes up the thread from Per Nørgård's fascinating world in the new work ØR, which is named after the two letters the composers have in common. The Danish National Symphony Orchestra's two percussion soloists, Gert Sørensen and Jakob Weber, will work their magic with i.a. seven timpani and a honky-tonk piano.

25 August. DR Koncerthuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Opera · Niels Rønsholdt: Den sidste olie / The Last Rites

The Last Rites is a chamber opera which deals with exploitation as the driving force in the world. The story begins in 1721 - the year of the colonization of Greenland - and unfolds the theme of eternal over-exploitation of territories and people. The opera is performed in Østerbro Ice Skating Rink, which sets the stage for a monumental, sensuous and chilled opera experience, where the audience and the opera singers alike are trapped in the darkness on the ice.

25, 26, 27 August, Copenhagen Operafestival, Østerbro Ice Skating Rink, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Opera · Matias Vestergård: Lisbon Floor 

Experience a curious and humorous dystopia, complete with hostile mould blotches, an artificial uterus and a house plant jungle, when 7 roommates move onto the Lisbon Floor - a derelict luxury high-rise apartment block that has definitely seen better days.

The newly written lyrical work was created by Matias Vestergård in co-operation with author and librettist Lea Marie Løppenthin and the British director Natascha Metherell. With an ensemble of seven characters in numerous comical entanglements, Lisbon Floor pays homage to a classic Mozartian style, while at the same time, playing with the traditional conventions of opera.

26 & 27 August, Copenhagen Operafestival, Takkelloftet, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Exhibition · Else Marie Pade

This year's Golden Days Festival pays tribute to extraordinary women who have left distinct mark on history. On 1 September, the venue Vega opens a mini-exhibition curated by Ingeborg Okkels and Edition·S with a focus on the composer Else Marie Pade. On 7 September we will celebrate the release of Else Marie Pade's orchestral works, which are recorded by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and released by Dacapo Records. On 16 September, author and journalist Andrea Bak and sound designer Ingeborg Okkels give an introduction to Pade's musical universe, and CTM and Astrid Sonne explore electronic music in a concert with their own experiments and harmonic arrangements.

1-16. september, Golden Days Festival, Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Orchestrated Sound Art · Jacob Kirkegaard – KRYDS ILD / CROSS FIRE

The Danish composer and sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard is not afraid of dealing with big, complicated topics. With his latest work, KRYDS ILD [Cross Fire], performed by the Royal Lifeguards Music Corps, Kirkegaard has taken war as the subject of his investigative gaze. KRYDS ILD consists of sound recordings of firearms and artillery that are transcribed for orchestra, and the work thus mimics the sound of a war zone. Because what does war sound like? Jacob Kirkegaard has listened attentively to the mechanics of the weapon, the cutting of the projectile through the air and the deep echo after the grenade explosion. The work is orchestrated by Connor McLean and published by Edition·S. KRYDS ILD is commissioned by KLANG festival but the scheduled premiere was cancelled due to a case of Covid-19.

The new premiere date is 2 September, Stærekassen, Copenhagen, Denmark 
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Experimental Music Theatre · Simon Steen-Andersen: The Return

Simon Steen-Andersen is represented for the first time at La Biennale di Vennezia with a new work: The Return (a.k.a Run Time Error @Venice). The Biennale Musica 2022 focuses on experimental Music Theatre, under the title Out of Stage, and Steen-Andersen's piece is described as particularly representative of the festival. The dramaturgy of the piece, based on Claudio Monteverdi’s Il ritorno di Ulisse in patria, uses quotations and re-elaborations of the original score to tie into a reconnaissance of the sites on which the Teatro di San Cassiano and the Teatro dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo, the first public theatres in Venice, once stood, and to an evocation of the opera’s first performance.

16 & 17 September, 66th International Festival of Contemporary Music, La Biennale di Vennezia, Italy
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Performance · Simon Løffler: Becoming Animal

Simon Løffler is on a mission to bring composition nearer to the condition of animal behaviour. He adapts the signs of ritual behaviour and display to a human performance method, in the process opening up the parameters for how the body can be used in the creation of music.

The borders between instrument and the body, spontaneity and composition, ritual and concert, are broken down. Animal voices find new ways to infiltrate our midst and become a part of our art. This project has been developed over a three year period in close collaboration between the composer and the other performers.

17  september, Ultima Festival, MUNCH, Oslo, Norway

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Sinfonietta · Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen: Trennungsbriefe 

Århus Sinfonietta premieres Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen's Trennungsbriefe - a further development of both the narrative and the music in Agerfeldt's Liebesbriefe, which he wrote for Århus Sinfonietta in 2009. Together, the two works form a personal and intense account of the many faces of love.

18 September, Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, Denmark
20 September, Godsbanen, Aarhus, Denmark
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