Selected summer performances

The summer festivals in Denmark and abroad bring a great selection of performances including several world premieres

Jesper Koch: ‘Sine qua non’ (world premiere)
Herlufsholm International Chamber Music Festival sets the scene for the world premiere performance of Jesper Koch’s Sine qua non, performed by Signe Asmussen Manuitt and Henschel Quartett. The piece is written to a poem by Frank Kjørup, and the Latin title translates to ‘Something absolutely essential’.

Tuesday, July 13, 19:30
Herlufsholm, Næstved (DK)
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Mette Nielsen: Together (world premiere)
Mette Nielsen’s Together written for basset clarinet, violin, viola and cello is written in connection with the solo piece Alone, premiered by clarinet player Jonas Frølund in the spring of 2021. In Alone, the clarinet explores the sounds in its own space. In Together, the clarinet explores that same space, but as the title suggests, it is no longer alone, and its sound is reflected by the three strings.

Tuesday, July 13, 19:30
Koncertkirken, Copenhagen (DK)
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Jexper Holmen: Klokkehøst (world premiere)
Jexper Holmen’s Klokkehøst is written for no less than 29 small metallic percussion instruments, that all sound like bells. Corean and Pekingese gongs, metal springs, belltree, cow bells and singing bowls. The piece will be premiered by percussionist Ying-Hsueh Chen.

Thursday, July 15, 19:30
Koncertkirken, Copenhagen (DK)
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Ejnar Kanding: Partita Mallorca (world premiere)
Ejnar Kanding's Partita Mallorca is premiered in the village of Deià on the coast of Mallorca in a concert at Deia International Music Festival presenting Danish music inspired by the area. The piece will be performed by the piano quartet Camerata Deià.

Thursday, July 15, 21:00
Son Marroig, Deiá (ES)
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Bo Lundby Jæger: Portrait Concert
At Odsherreds Kammermusikfestival, Theatre of Voices and Danish Chamber Players present a Bo Lundby Jæger portrait concert. The works on the programme are all inspired by the composer’s journeys to Brasil. 

Thursday, August 5, 19:30
BORREN, Højby (DK) 
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Xavier Bonfill: YES FOR NO
Aarhus Sinfonietta and NEKO3 will perform Xavier Bonfill’s YES FOR NOat the UNM Festival. Before the premiere of the work in 2020, the composer described it:
It begins very quietly.
Then it unfolds into a large volume of sound.
Then the soloists start typing big ideas onto the screens. Fast polyrhythms. The orchestra replies. You might wonder if this really was a concerto after all.
Then a big nice C major chord. Fulfilment. Rejoice.
Then the party starts. We are all going to hell. But we will have ourselves a party. Glitch-like samples. The whole orchestra in a blender.
Then we are floating, yet we are frozen.
Then it gets darker (and darker, and darker...)
Then you bring your attention back into the room.

Monday, August 9, 19:30
Musikhuset Aarhus (DK)

James Black: POSY
Also at UNM Festival, James Black will perform the piece POSY together with Lorenzo Colombo, Bára Gísladóttir, Iga Kurec & Jens Peter Møller. The piece was premiered at KLANG festival 2019 where we spoke with him about the piece and the abundance of ideas and associations that led to it, from Scientology to Schubert.
Read the interview here.

Wednesday, August 11, 11:00
Domen, Aarhus (DK)

Li-Ying Wu: Naturkoncert (world premiere)
Danish Chamber Players will premiere Li-Ying Wu's Naturkoncert - Nature Concert in four movements: 1.Fugle 2.Vandet 3.Byen 4.Skoven.

Sunday, August 15, 15:00 
KUMUS, Torreby L. (DK)
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Mette Nielsen: Apart (world premiere)
The string quartet Apart takes its point of departure in Mette Nielsen’s Together, as an echo of something we haven’t yet heard. Time seems to gradually be displaced in the space between the musicians, and something starts to fall apart… Apart is premiered by NOVO Quartet.

Sunday, August 15, 19:30
Nyborg Slotskoncerter (DK)
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