September08 on September 8th

Simon Løffler's piano piece September08 will have it's Australian premiere on 8 September.

Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music - BIFEM - is an Australian platform for virtuosity in musicianship and innovation in composition. The festival has an emphasis on premieres or rarely-performed works, and the performance of Simon Løffler's September08 will be the first in Australia.

The piece will be performed by pianist Jacob Abela alongside works by Johannes Kreidler, Enno Poppe and Jenna Lyle. Via these works Jacob Abela presents the keyboard through a collection of proverbial mirrors, where technique, timbre, history and mechanics are skewed, broken apart and reassembled with a new identity.

September08 is written for distorted electric piano and since the piece is full of glissandi, the composer recommends that it is played wearing gloves.

Read through the score, and hear a recording of September 08 here.

8 September 1 pm
Old Fire Station, Bendigo, (AU)
Performed by Jacob Abela