Significant German music prize for Borup-Jørgensen's Marin

The animated film ‘Marin’ receives the prize as Music DVD of the year at the German OPUS Klassik 2018.

Still from the animated film 'Marin' 

Axel Borup-Jørgensen’s ‘Marin’ is an extremely challenging and meticulously detailed symphonic poem - sometimes written out in no less than 55 separate voices.

The symphony was premiered in 1970 by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, and decades later, the animated film ‘Marin’ was created as a visual complement for the symphony. The film was released in 2017 accompanied by a new re-recording of 'Marin' by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Thomas Søndergård. ‘Marin’ is created by Morten Bartholdy produced by Lückow Film and released at the Danish record company OUR Recordings.

When the movie premiered it received great reviews, e.g. the British magazine Gramophone wrote: “Watching the film at the premiere in May, in the comfort of a Copenhagen cinema with Marin rumbling in full surround-sound, I was utterly seduced. - it‘s the eccentricity and comprehensiveness of this product that make it both affecting and worthwhile”. 

OPUS Klassik
OPUS Klassik also goes by the name Der Deutschen Klassik-Preis and it replaces the previous ECHO Klassik Award as the largest music prize in Germany, and ‘Marin’ was nominated alongside prestigious productions from some of the world’s leading opera houses.

The prize will be given out at a TV-transmitted celebratory concert in Konzerthaus Berlin 14 October. See the full list of winners in all categories, and read more about OPUS Klassik here.

Marin concert performance in 2019
In October 2019 The Danish National Symphony Orchestra will revisit Marin once more, and perform the symphony at a concert conducted by Thomas Søndergaard.