Simon Christensen · Musikkens Miks

Simon Christensen is represented at Musikkens Miks with the world premiere of a new work and symphonic orchestrations of two songs by JEURU.

Since 2014, the concert concept "Musikkens Miks" (The Mix of Music) has set the stage for meetings between the rhythmic and classical worlds of Danish music, where Musikkens Hus and Aalborg Symphony Orchestra invite classical composers to create symphonic interpretations of rhythmic songs. Simon Christensen has made orchestral arrangements of the songs King Malik and Distorted Rainbows by the Danish-American singer JEURU. Aalborg Symphony Orchestra has also commissioned a new work by Simon Christensen, Antiphony in Unequal Temperament, which will be premiered on the same occasion.

In addition to JEURU and Simon Christensen, "Musikkens Miks" presents collaborations between Pernille Rosendahl and Karsten Fundal, Kwamie Liv and Rasmus Zwicki.

Simon Christensen: Antiphony in Unequal Temperament (world premiere)
Simon Christensen & JEURU: King Malik and Distorted Rainbows (world premiere)
Aalborg Symphony Orchestra
Friday 30 September, 19:30
Musikkens Hus, Aalborg

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