Simon Christensen premiere at Villingerød Church

The attention-grabbing composer Simon Christensen does it again! This time his new work Monody (2012) is premiered at Villingerød Church in Dronningemølle at 8 pm August 14, 2012.

Simon Christensen is one of the most exciting Danish composers at the moment with a background in both classical music and electronic underground music. He has a groundbreaking way of working with technology as part of his works and is one of the most innovative composers on the music scene in Copenhagen with great dance performances amongst other works. One of Simon’s latest and largest works is the collaboration with American filmmaker Bill Morrison, TRIBUTES – Pulse (2011).

Monody is a work written for electronics, zither and cello and will be performed by Simon himself and cellist Peet Morrison from the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. It is always a pleasure to watch Simon operate his electronics whilst playing various instruments such as zither, wee, percussion and other electronic devices.

Experience him and Peet Morrison at Villingerød Church August 14, 2012 at 8 pm.