Simon Christensen world premiere and more

Athelas Sinfonietta explores the classical format ouverture, concert and symphony with a world premiere of Simon Christensen’s ‘ENSEMBLE’ and Danish premiere of Allan Gravgaard Madsen’s ‘Ouverture’.

Simon Christensen

Allan Gravgaard Madsen’s ‘Ouverture’ opens the show, when Athelas Sinfonietta performs the concert titled ‘Old formats – new works’ in Copenhagen on 3 February. The piece was commissioned by German ensemble recherche, who has performed it a number of times. This will be the first performance in Denmark, and also the first time Athelas Sinfonietta performs a work by Allan Gravgaard Madsen.

Simon Christensen’s ENSEMBLE is a major work commissioned by Athelas Sinfonietta – with its 45 minutes its scale and complexity match the greatest classical symphonies. The ensemble is divided into five smaller groups that in large parts of the work play in each their individual tempo. The work includes extensive use of micro intervals and overtones, and Simon Christensen develops the pause – the soundholes - as an element just as important as the passages with sound.

In an interview about the work, Simon Christensen explains: “It is an attempt to create something massive that changes to nothing. And beneath this another slow, wavy music appears.”

Watch the whole interview below:

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