Simon Christensen's string quartet on tour

The Polish string quartet Neo Quartet will perform Simon Christensen's 'The Whistle Quartet' in a number of countries during the next couple of months.

Neo Quartet specialises in performing contemporary music, and they commissioned the string quartet by Simon Christensen for their concert series Baltic New Music Spectrum.

'The Whistle Quartet' was premiered at KLANG festival 2018 in Copenhagen in June. Throughout the summer and fall the Neo Quartet will perform the piece in Germany, Lithuania, Finland, Poland and Estonia starting Sunday 8 July  at Randfestspiele in Zepernick north of Berlin.

Neo Quartet invited seven composers to each write a piece for the project, and Simon Christensen's piece is performed alongside works by Oleg Paiberdin (Russia), Peter Helmut Lang (Germany), Juste Janulyte (Lithuania) , Anna Huuskonen (Finland), Wojtek Blecharz (Poland), and Mart-Matis Lill (Estonia).

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