Simon Løffler – new Edition·S composer

The Danish composer Simon Løffler, 35, is now represented by Edition·S. Upcoming portrait concert at Hindsgavl Festival.

Photo: Lars Svankjær

The 35-year-old Danish composer Simon Løffler, who is now represented by Edition·S, has already made his mark on both national, European and American scenes for new music.

His works range from extremely intimate set-ups to egnimatic constructions, embracing traditional instruments (transformed in various ways) as well as novel instrumental concepts.

Works such as a (2010) for children’s instruments and c (2013) “for 3 glockenspiels, to be heard through the teeth” have garnered international attention, and Løffler’s works have been performed by a wide range of international ensembles, including Ensemble Pamplemousse (US), Plus-Minus Ensemble (UK) and Ensemble Adapter (DE).

Portrait concert at Hindsgavl Festival
This year’s Hindsgavl Festival (DK), which takes place 10-18 July, will include a Simon Løffler portrait concert.

On Tuesday 11 July the audience at Hindsgavl will get the chance to experience, among other works, Løffler’s b (2012) “for 3 musicians, 3 neonlights, effect pedals and a loose jack cable” and e (2017).

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Performance of c. Photo: Michal Rasmus