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Simon Løffler receives Bisballeprisen

Bisballeprisen is awarded to particularly talented artists who are innovative and groundbreaking. In 2022, the prize committee has selected the composer Simon Løffler for the award.

The prize committee motivates the award for Simon Løffler as follows: 

"With just under a dozen works in compact formats, Simon Løffler has managed to establish a fantastic personal universe, where performers, prostheses, chimes, static electricity and mechanical constructions interact in sympathetic rituals.

A sense of intimate intensity arises both when he radically reduces the physique of his musicians by requiring them to play using only their feet or eyelashes, as well as when he expands it with prostheses or mechanical constructions. In both cases he invites the audience into the circle – be it through their eyes and ears, or via the skull, with vibrations transmitted through teeth clenched together on a shared wooden stick."

Bisballeprisen comes with DKK 75.000 and is awarded once a year to an artist from the fields of architecture and design, visual art, film- and multimedia arts, composition and sound art, literature and poetry or performative art forms. The prize committee consists of film director Birgitte Stærmose, visual artist Karin Lorentzen, literature critic Lilian Munk Rösing, architect Martin Keiding, composer Simon Steen-Andersen and stage director Tomas Lagermand Lundme.
Simon Løffler receives Bisballeprisen on 3 March at a private reception.

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