Simon Steen-Andersen - Album release

A new album by the Italian guitarist Francesco Palmieri features Simon Steen-Andersen's complete works for guitar.

Simon Steen-Andersen is one of the most sought-after composers of his generation, writing music for small ensembles and large orchestras worldwide. According to the booklet of the new release 'Drownwords', it all started with the guitar. 

Simon Steen-Andersen writes: 

"My mother had a western guitar hanging on the wall that I tried out from time to time until I got a small nylon stringed guitar of my own for my 10th birthday. A few years later I had saved up and was able to buy a cheap electric guitar and eventually started playing rock music in different bands. After 3-4 years, and an electric guitar upgrade, we reached a point where we were playing quite nice gigs at decent venues and small festivals. During all that time, I was making up more and more music on my acoustic guitar - music that did not fit the bands and in some cases did not really fit anything else I knew at that point."

The album features seven works for guitar - solo and in various constellations - performed by guitarist Francesco Palmieri, performer Brian Archinal, Ensemble VERTIGO der Hochschule der Künste Bern and conductor Lennart Dohms. 

in-side-out-side-in ... (2001) For guitar

Within Amongst (2005) 
‘Anti-kadenza’ for extremely amplified guitar

Beloved Brother (2008) 
Two movements from J. S. Bach’s Capriccio in Bb arranged for ‘backside’ guitar
- Arioso
- Lamento

Drownwords (2003, rev. 2019)  For guitar and performer

Study for String Instrument #2 (2009) For e-guitar and whammy pedal

Next to Beside Besides #8 + Next to Beside Besides #13 (2003/06/08)  For two e-guitars

Amid (2004) 
For flute, clarinet, piano, guitar, percussion, violin and cello

Find much more information on the website of Francesco Palmieri or listen to the recording here.