Simon Steen-Andersen at Elbphilharmonie

Decoder Ensemble presents a staged concert by Simon Steen-Andersen, 'The Way Sounds Go'. The first performance of the concert takes place Friday 4 May in a sold-out Kaistudio 1 in Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Foto: Thies Raetzke

'The Way Sounds Go' is an exciting mix of concert, performance and media art put together by Simon Steen-Andersen in collaboration with Decoder Ensemble.

The concert weaves together excerpts from a number of Steen-Andersen's works; the music theatre work 'If This Then That And Now What' , the audio-visual 'Asthma' for accordion and video and a newly produced version of one of his signature pieces 'Run Time Error', an audio-visual performance controlled by the composer with two joysticks, and expanding onto the stage in live interaction with the ensemble. 

Decoder is a Hamburg-based ensemble, and thus the concert is premiered in the recently opened Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg as a part of Internationales Musikfest Hamburg. Afterwards the concert will be staged at SPOR festival 6 May and at KunstFestSpiele Herrenhausen in Hannover, and each location presents a new, site-specific version of 'Run Time Error.'