Simon Steen-Andersen at Hindsgavl Festival 2012

Next week Hindsgavl Festival kicks off with lots of music for 12 days in a row and Monday July 16 Simon Steen-Andersen is on the programme with 7 works.

Hindsgavl Festival is a very unique experience placed at the beautiful Hindsgavl Castle, where musicians, composers and audiences stay during the festival. Every day there is an introduction and panel discussion about the concert of the day, which takes place at 8 pm, and the morning after you have the opportunity to meet the musicians and composers from the night before and ask them questions. In addition to the classical concerts there are other activities such as tours of the castle and garden, open rehearsals and an “alternative” scene with art music, art installations etc. at 10.30 pm.

Simon Steen-Andersen is part of the “alternative” programme and performs 7 of his works together with Tanja Orning Monday July 16 at 10.30 pm including two different versions of Run Time Error (2009), Study for String Quartet #1, #2 and #3 (2007-11) and On and Off and To and Fro (2008).

Check out the festival programme here.

By the way, Edition·S composer and recently receiver of the Schierbeck award Christian Winther Christensen helps with technique and much more during the festival.