Simon Steen-Andersen at NOVEMBER MUSIC

November 7, 2012 three works by Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composer Simon Steen-Andersen will be performed by Ensemble Asamisimasa at November Music in Holland.

November Music is an international festival for contemporary music, jazz & impro, electronics, music theatre and sound installations held in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland from November 7 to 11, 2012. The festival works around composers and artists, and not like other festivals, ensembles. November Music is part of an international network of European festivals of contemporary music. Amongst those are the Danish festivals SPOR and Wundergrund. The aim is to co-produce internationally while simultaneously “exporting” composers and ensembles so they become better known abroad.

This year the prestigious ensemble Asamisimasa is performing three of Simon Steen-Andersen’s works; his portrait work On and Off and To and Fro (2008), Study for String Instrument #1, #2, #3 (2007+2009) and his site-specific work RunTime Error (2009).

It is not the first time the Norwegian ensemble performs Simon Steen-Andersen. They actually have a long list of his works as part of their repertoire. At November Music they are performing a whole concert full of Simon’s work.