Simon Steen-Andersen at The Munich Biennale

Simon Steen-Andersen’s new music theatre piece “if this then that and now what” was premiered at The Munich Biennale May 28th.

The piece is written for eighteen musicians and four actors employing features from theatre, lecture performance, traditional concert, light show, and installation.

Politiken’s critic was there for the premiere and gave six hearts to the ambitious, philosophical piece, which, as he points out, however contains a great deal of humour:

“The amazing thing is, that the audience is completely with them. Actually there is a great amount of laughter at the world premiere of “if this then that and now what.” In spite of the English title, the two hour long lecture is in German, and the words are mixed with repeated gestures and music ranging from a characteristic sound from the action movie ‘The Matrix’ to silent scraping sounds from the row of 12 strings, sitting gravely at the front of the stage.”

The Munich Biennale is an international melting pot for European music and culture. The Biennale is the only festival worldwide exclusively presenting world premieres of new music theatre works.

"if this then that and now what" will be performed at Staatstheater Mainz on June 23rd and June 30th.