Simon Steen-Andersen in Zurich

"inside | OUTSIDE - low | HIGH" is the theme of a series of projects shown and discussed at the various departments of the Zurich University of the Arts. The music department contributes with a concert of jazz and new music entitled Music from Denmark, where they have invited Simon Steen-Andersen and jazz pianist and composer Søren Kjærgaard to participate.

Steen-Andersen's pieces will be performed by students from the University, and on the programme is among other works his portrait concert On and Off and To and Fro. Integrated in the set will be Kjærgaard's compositions and solo improvisations.

Steen-Andersen will not only be in Zurich for the concert, but will also conduct a chamber music workshop with the students and take part in a composers' forum with Kjærgaard on the day of the concert.

The concert will take place on Tuesday March 8 at 7.30 pm in the small concert hall at Haus Florhof, Zurich.