Simon Steen-Andersen On Tour

Today saxophonist Patrick Stadler embarks on a tour around Switzerland with Simon Steen-Andersen’s De Profundis.

From February 12 to 15, 2013 Patrick Stadler will perform three concerts with Simon Steen-Andersen’s solo work for soprano saxophone and percussion. First stop is Bern, then St. Gallen and finally Basel. The three concerts are a part of a concept named “The Sound of Strangers” that the duo Kociuban & Stadler tour with. Cellist Wiktor Kociuban forms the other part of the duo.

Steen-Andersen composed De Profundis in 2000 for an exhibition of the same name with works by painter Tine Hind and sculptor Gudrun. The music is based on the characters of the exhibited objects and the various opinions and interpretations of each title. With this work Steen-Andersen aimed at grasping the essence of the theme of this exhibition through his own perspective in music.

De Profundis is not the only Steen-Andersen work that goes on tour. Aventa Ensemble will perform the highly acclaimed work Black Box Music all around Canada with a pit stop in the United States. From February 27 to March 5, 2013 Black Box Music will be performed no less than five times: in Montreal, CA; New York, US; Winnipeg, CA; Calgary, CA and in Victoria, CA.

Black Box Music is scored for percussion solo, amplified box, 15 instruments and video. The starting point is the classical soloist-conductor, only in this case, the conducting and solo part are one and the same. The setting is a traditional theatre stage with curtains, props and light; only in this case, the stage is also an instrument. Black Box Music could be said to be a deconstruction of conducting and puppet theatre as well as an exploration and exploitation of the audio/visual relations inherent in conducting and staging. The “grand show” will be in three movements, starting with ‘Ouverture’ and ‘Disambiguation’ and then finishing off with a festive, pompous, self-imploding ‘Finale’.

In addition to these tours Simon Steen-Andersen’s works are performed all over Europe this spring. Take a look at our Performance Calendar for more info.