Snow Mask Ensemble feat. Line Tjørnhøj

The group Snow Mask Ensemble will on December 4 be performing a series of works by Line Tjørnhøj, Niels Christian Rasmussen and four other Aarhus based composers. Most of the works are world premieres at this concert and among them is Line Tjørnhøj’s Dies Irae for flute, clarinet and trombone. “Dies Irae” is latin and means “the day of anger” or “day of judgement”, referring to a famous medieval hymn, which has become a central part of the liturgical requiem text. Line Tjørnhøj has been approaching this theme for some years, and on her SoundCloud profile you can hear a small fragment of her interpreting Dies Irae in Swedish on a recording from 2007.

Snow Mask Ensemble was established in 2010 as a composer’s group, but now it also includes five musicians and will in the future be performing contemporary music in various instrumental constellations nationally and internationally. Keep an eye and two ears on them.