SNYK interviews Lars Kynde

The annual PULSAR festival is almost over and it has been a long weekend of performances by many Edition·S – music¬sound¬art composers. One of them was Lars Kynde who performed his work Elephant Heart Saturday afternoon. SNYK met him last week for a talk about ”DIY instruments”.

The interview focuses on the construction of the instrument that Elephant Heart is performed on. It shows photos of Kynde putting the instrument together and taking it apart again, sound bites from the construction and an explanation of the very unusual score. The interview also gives a personal insight to Kynde’s thoughts and ideas behind the music and his life at an art collective in the Netherlands.

Kynde explains:
“I call the airlines and ask them how much room they have for instrument luggage. And then I build the instrument as big as it is allowed to be – I have to build it by the rules! That idea about being independent from institutions in the process of building an instrument is almost impossible!”

The SNYK interview explains very thoroughly how Kynde works with his music – and especially this specific instrument and offers short comments and reflections along the way, so if you didn’t manage to experience Elephant Heart at PULSAR this weekend, the interview is a good alternative.

Read (and listen to) the entire interview here (in Danish).