Solo piccolo piece by Noer Kondrup

Eva Noer Kondrup has written a solo piece for the smallest - absolutely not the most quiet - instrument in the orchestra.

Eva Noer Kondrup. Photo: Emil Brøbech
In 2016 the Copenhagen Phil and Edition·S launched the project, 4’33 Phil, a mini-concert format designed to present new pieces of contemporary music.

The pieces composed for 4'33 Phil are written in close dialogue between the composer and the soloist, and gives the audience a chance to experience the individual virtuosity and personality of one musician in small up-close musical portraits.

Eva Noer Kondrup's piece 'Dølgsøje' is written for the piccolo flutist Viveca Löfgren, and the composer tells about the piece:

"The beginning of the piece builds on a Swedish folk song that Viveca Löfgren pointed out as one of her favourite melodies. I often find inspiration in the patterns of the laces and weavings created by women throughout history, and I find these to be women's unwritten music scores. Through the end of this piece I have - with the notes - drawn a pair of eyes with a fortissimo troll splinter in them. It is a pair of eyes that sees secrets."

The piece will be premiered on 15 November in Lejre, and performed again on 16 November in Copenhagen at Copenhagen Phil's concert featuring works by Sibelius, Rautavaara and Grieg.

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