SPOR presents Rønsholdt and Steen-Andersen

SPOR festival 2018 takes place in Aarhus 3-6 May with Rønsholdt's 'Gaze for Gaze' and a staged Steen-Andersen concert on the programme.

'Gaze for Gaze' performed by SCENATET 2017, Foto: Marc Fluri

'Gaze for Gaze' is an experimental opera about love, choices and consequences. A story about the nature of the love relationship and especially its downsides. The opera was premiered in 2017 by SCENATET, and is now re-staged at SPOR festival 2018. With 'Gaze for Gaze', Niels Rønsholdt seeks to break down the conventional idea of what opera is and can be by reconstructing the format and experimenting with its traditional dramaturgic elements.

When the work was premiered, the critic from Politiken highlighted its "remarkable fragile authenticity" in a five-star review.  

The heart-wrenching story of 'Gaze for Gaze' unfolds in a conceptually minimalistic universe, where an intimate setting and sensuous atmosphere is created by the dissolution of the border between the stage and the audience. 

'Gaze for Gaze' is performed by SCENATET three times throughout the festival at Studie 2, Filmbyen Aarhus.
Friday 4 May, 20:00
Saturday 5 May, 21:30
Sunday 6 May, 17:00

'If This Then That And Now What' performed at The Munich Biennale 2016, Foto: Franz Kimmel

'The Way Sounds Go' is an exciting mix of concert, performance and media art put together by Simon Steen-Andersen in collaboration with Decoder Ensemble.

The concert weaves together excerpts from a number of Steen-Andersen's works; the music theatre work 'If This Then That And Now What', the audio-visual 'Asthma' for accordion and video and a newly produced version of one of his signature pieces 'Run Time Error', an audio-visual performance controlled by the composer with two joysticks, and expanding onto the stage in live interaction with the ensemble.  

'The Way Sounds Go' is performed by Decoder Ensemble at Åbne Scene Sunday 6 May, 19:00