Steen-Andersen's Asthma performed at Hindsgavl

Andreas Borregaard once again performs Simon Steen-Andersen's audio visual accordion solo.

Andreas Borregaard performs 'Asthma' at Hindsgavl Festival. Photo: Caroline Bittencourt

The chamber music festival Hindsgavl Festival takes place 8 - 15 July, at the Hindsgavl Castle in Denmark, and on Tuesday 10 July Simon Steen-Andersen's 'Asthma' is on the programme.

'Asthma' was commissioned by Andreas Borregaard and premiered at KLANG festival 2017. Borregaard says about the piece: "People breathe with lungs, the accordion breathes with the bellows. Breathing is essential for both. Through video with a soundtrack performed live, 'Asthma' shows the vivifying beauty of the flow of air, but also its horrifying features."

Since the premiere 'Asthma' has been performed a number of times and furthermore it has been included in the hybrid concert work 'The Way Sounds Go' created by Simon Steen-Andersen in collaboration with Decoder Ensemble

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