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Steingrímur Rohloff selected for International Rostrum of Composers

Every year at the International Rostrum of Composers, national radio networks from all across the world get together to point out the best contemporary music works. This year, the Danish broadcasting corporation has selected Steingrímur Rohloff as the representative of Denmark with the piece "Die 4 Himmelsrichtungen" (2020).

International Rostrum of Composers is considered the most important platform for the promotion of contemporary music via radio broadcast. Rostrum 2021 takes place 12-15 October in Belgrade in Serbia. 

Steingrímur Rohloff's work is written for clarinet, violin, cello and piano, and he says about the piece: "Die 4 Himmelsrichtungen" is the german term for the four cardinal points north, south, east and west. A literal translation would be something like the "4 directions of heaven". This piece has a special meaning to me since it is written for my very closest musician friends from the Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen." 

"Die 4 Himmelsrichtungen" was premiered by Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen 11 September 2020, in Østerbro Koncertforening in Copenhagen.

"This ensemble runs a concert series around the corner from where I live, and my kids and I often attend rehearsals and concerts there. This proximity and friendship created a mild pressure in my mind..: I wanted to make sure, that I "deliver" a piece with a certain weight and difficulty for my friends. Their joy of playing and virtuosity found its way into four movements, that to me represent the four cardinal points with their different "temperatures". From cool to hot... to ice-cold etc..." Rohloff tells.  

The winners of the International Rostrum of Composers will be announced on 15 October. Learn more here >>

Watch excerpts from ´Die 4 Himmelsrichtungen' performed by Messiaen Quartet Copenhagen.

The Danish-based Icelandic-German composer, Steingrímur Rohloff (b. 1971), is a prominent voice on the Scandinavian music scene, and his works have been performed in more than 25 countries worldwide. He studied in Cologne and in Paris at the Conservatoire Superieur and the IRCAM with Gérard Grisey and Marc-André Dalbavie among others; this French school of crystalline orchestral music has influenced Rohloff profoundly.

His list of works stretches from orchestral and chamber music to electro-acoustic music, and stage works. No less than three Danish Symphony Orchestras have world premieres by Steingrímur Rohloff scheduled for 2022, as Copenhagen Phil, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and Odense Symphony Orchestra all commissioned new works by Rohloff.

Download hi-res photo of Steingrímur Rohloff (photo: Niklas Ottander)