Steingrimur Rohloff's Babel – Intro Offer

Experience BABEL with the Athelas Sinfonietta at the Court Theatre, Christiansborg 18, Copenhagen. Introductory Offer: Introduction by the composer Steingrimur Rohloff and poet/librettist Morten Søndergaard 18:45 to 19:15, November 13, including a cup of coffee/tea and something sweet before the performance at 20:00.


By using the code "Opera" when ordering tickets the price is reduced to 150 kr. per ticket. So hurry up and book tickets for friends and family – we guarantee a good night at a good price with both an introduction and a performance.


Call Billetten on 7020 2096 on weekdays between 9:00 to 16:30 and use the code "Opera" or book yourself via this link.
The offer applies even if you also purchase for another day.



In Babel one can find an infinite library with an infinite number of books. The books contain all letters and all signs. The library contains all people in all versions of themselves. Amongst them he is to be found: the blind man.

The opera takes us on a journey into his universe. Through time he has isolated himself more and more and is now surrounded by phantoms and images that emerge from his desires. The books and the pursuit of their content plagues him, making him unable to sleep.

The blind man is convinced that he has solved the mystery, figured out the greatest equation but forgotten or misplaced the answer some place or another. He is close to remembering what it was, it is on the tip of his tongue… just around the corner, on the next page. In the light.

Is it fact or fiction the hides behind the eyes that once could see?

With Babel Steingrimur Rohloff has created a piece of music theatre that reaches out over conventional operatic conventions. He enriches the tradition with interactions, video-doppelgangers, percussion pieces that turn into rituals, imaginary languages and arias on film. In this way Babel is an operatic feast at which anything can happen.

Steingrimur Rohloff's music connects and describes in a wonderful way mankind's many facets. Combined with Obscura's spectacular visual world we are offered a unique opportunity to join in on a journey with the blind man, a lady with a cat, and the rest of us, in a universe in which anything can happen.