String quartet in 100 movements by Rønsholdt

The string quartet 'Centalog' is premiered 18 September by Taïga String Quartet at Frederiksberg Festspil.

Niels Rønsholdt's 'Centalog' is a piece for string quartet in 100 movements. The music consists of unison melodies swirling by in high speed and spreading in multiple registers. The tones of the melodies leave traces in all four instruments and create music that at once seems to be and not be unison. 

The work is shaped like an abstract archive where each movement is one side of something symmetrical. Like biological shapes in nature - a leaf, a feather, an insect - the movements in 'Centalog' have a right and a left side. Sometimes they are right next to each other, at times they are far apart. 

"I have always been fascinated by archives, catalogues, collections - like objects in a museum that at first seem alike, but tiny differences hold each their own story and identity. I like the way that you must give these things attention in order for them to come alive in their particularity." Niels Rønsholdt says.   

'Centalog' is premiered Saturday 18 September, 16:00 by Taïga String Quartet at Frederiksberg Festspil. Learn more and find your ticket here >>