Suså Festival – two decades of art music

For two decades now (since 1992) Suså Festival has been an epicenter for the contemporary music scene and this year the festival is presenting the theme ”Window to France”. 

In light of the theme the prominent Ensembles Alternance from Paris with specialty in contemporary music will be playing at the festival Sunday evening.  Edition·S – music¬sound¬art has a close collaboration with Ensemble Alternance, which has led to several visits during the past years amongst others during the Danish-French festival Amplitudes in 2003, where they performed works by Morten Olsen, Ivar Frounberg, Klaus Ib Jørgensen, Lars Hegaard and many others both in Copenhagen and in Paris.

During Suså Festival 25 composers will portrait the music from different nationalities, including eight pieces from France, nineteen from Denmark and seven pieces from international composers. On the opening night of the festival Friday August 31, Li-Ying Wu will premiere a new work. Same evening Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen’s piece Zwei Zwölfontänze (1996) and Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm’s piece Nuages élégiagues (2004) will all be performed by Trio 2+1. On the second day of the festival the work Fantasy Piece (1997) by Tage Nielsen will be performed by John Ehde. And on the final day Three Colors (2007) by Ejnar Kanding, which can be thought of as a nomade of coloured sounds. The work is divided in three combinations of colours and sounds; white symmetry, black glissando and orange noise. The same evening Intend (2000) by Jexper Holmen who describes his own music as ”chamber punk” will be presented. Messer Kvartetten will perform both Holmen’s and Kanding’s work.

The festival is taking place in Næstved, Denmark from August 31 – September 2, 2012 and it will be three summer days of music, ballet, lyrics and meet-the-composer event. 

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