The mystic Rued Langgaard in Ribe

The first four days of September a remarkable musical meeting takes place in the South Jutlandic medieval town of Ribe. Rued Langgaard, the notorious outsider in 20th century Danish music society, is portrayed together with the famous 19th century composer and piano virtuoso Frans Liszt. 

The much younger Langgaard and Liszt who was born 200 years ago actually had more in common than you would first assume. Both were passionate romantics and pathbreaking figures in their times. Both were revolutionary spiritual thinkers. And both devoted a considerable part of their works to a dramatic mysticism which was characteristic of the late romantic, symbolistic art.

At the Rued Langgaard Festival 2011 you can experience rarely performed religious music by Liszt and Langgaard such as Langgard’s huge organ drama ‘Messis’ as well as improvisations and concerts featuring some of the spiritual subjects which was central for both composers.

The Rued Langgaard Festival is the only music festival in Denmark which focuses on the late romantic and symbolistic music from the period around 1900. This year the festival opposes the distinctive Rued Langgaard with the jubilee Frans Liszt in concerts, lectures and other events.

The Rued Langgaard Festival is arranged in cooperation between Ribe Cathedral, Ribe Music Society and the Rued Langgaard Society. Artistic director of the festival is Esben Tange.