The Queen of the Eastern Wind to appear in Israel soon!

Rachel Yatzkan's new wok, Gaba'im, will see its world premiere as Irina-Kalina Goudeva sings, plays and moves throgh the composition for the first time in The Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem om April 21st. The work will also be performed intel sib on April 22nd, and again in the Jerusalem Performing Arts Lab on April 26th where it will also be broadcasted online as a part of the Deep Tones for Peace initiative.

Rachel Yatzkan writes about her work: A ritual performance for singing, dancing and moving double-bass player, written especially for Kalina Goudeva. The Sex Queen of the East embodied on stage, where ten short pieces move the transformation of the Woman forward, or backward, from Divinity to … what exactly? A Song of the Shaman emerges from his music, which alternates between slow and fast, juxtaposing tempo and pulse, where asymmetrical rhythm and a deliberate use of quartertones make the music un-tangible, you just don’t grasp it! A split personality speaking though this Gesamt-expression of dance, playing, singing, speaking. And being present, in us all, forever…