Theatre of Voices Edition – Carols from the Old and New Worlds

Theatre of Voices Edition is an international publishing initiative, founded by and under the artistic leadership of the singer and conductor Paul Hillier. Each publication in the catalogue is carefully prepared to meet the standards of professional choir singers and conductors of the 21st century.

In 2008 Paul Hillier wrote about his motivations for creating the edition:

I had the idea for creating the Theatre of Voices Edition when my researches into Baltic repertoire suggested to me that far more wonderful music was being composed than existing publishing houses have recognised. It seemed to me there might be room for a new perspective, publishing fine music that I know singers enjoy singing and audiences enjoy hearing. TOVE will therefore present a very personal selection, but one rooted in the direct experience of knowing the composers and performing the music. And for similar reasons, TOVE will also be an outlet for my work in early music and in the strangely neglected field of 19th century English music. In addition, we will publish little books, pamphlets, and other musical misscellania, as time and opportunity affords.

The Theatre of Voices Edition catalogue has now been integrated on the Edition·S website and scores can be purchased through our webshop.

Carols from the Old and New Worlds

One of Paul Hillier's ongoing projects is an extensive collection of arrangements of carols from around the world, spread both in terms of time and geography. Carols from the Old and New Worlds is being issued in two separate parts. The first part focuses on Europe, particularly the Alpine region where Germany and Italy meet Switzerland; most of the remaining pieces are English. The second part will appear after a couple more Christmases and will focus primarily on the ‘New World’ of North America.

Read more about the Carols from the Old and New Worlds and page through an online version of the score here.
Text introductions to the individual carols can be found here.

The Carols from the Old and New Worlds have been recorded on Harmonia Mundi