Tjørnhøj staged again in the US

The opera Stabat Mater by award winning composer and sound artist Line Tjørnhøj will be staged at the IAWM Congress 2011, which takes place September 15-18 in Flagstaff, Arizona, USA. Stabat Mater was premiered in Århus 2009 following up Line Tjørnhøj’s widely recognized opera Anorexia Sacra, which won the American Opera Vista Festival 2009.

IAWM is the International Alliance for Women in Music, and the IAWM Congress is the annual main event for the Alliance with concerts, music conferences and meetings. As the only Danish piece Stabat Mater has been scheduled for performance at the Congress together with 47 other compositions from all over the world.

Line Tjørnhøj’s Stabat Mater is an operatic reframing of an ancient religious poem about the mourning mother Mary facing her son’s death on the cross at Golgata. Tjørnhøj has moved the scene from old Jerusalem to the present Teheran and replaced the dying Jesus with the the true story about the 16 year old girl Atefah Sahaaleh who was innocently condemned to hanging and was executed in 2004. Despite the cruelty Stabat Mater, just like the ancient poem, aims to tell a story about hope and humanity.

Photo: Stine Elbæk Rysgaard in the title role as Atefah Sahaaleh (photo: Rasmus Elbæk Rysgaard)