Tjørnhøj’s Portrait travels to Vordingborg

Composer Line Tjørnhøj is in the middle of a great, big project involving a group of 14 year-olds, installation artist Signe Klejs and anthropologist Birgitte Stampe Holst.

After travelling around from school to school in Ålborg and Vordingborg, Denmark interviewing school children aged 14 about being a child and an adult at the same time, the work Portrait is finally coming together. The work consists of a sound installation made from films from the interviews, a performance by cellist and voice performer Zoë Martlew and counter tenor Daniel Carlsson, workshops with the children making stop-motion films and a paper written by Birgitte Stampe Holst.

Audiences will be able to experience all of this, this weekend in Ålborg at Platform 4, where the show has its official premiere and in Vordingborg, June 7-8, where it is set up at Big Wheel Studio.

The work is an installation collage that interacts with the audience by allowing them to make their own sounds and stop-motion film stories, which develops the work even further. It is also possible to connect audiences’ tablets and smartphones.

The programme of the exhibition days are loosely scheduled with different performance with duration of one hour each and breaks in between:

 1. Opera: People
Recitativa: counter tenor Daniel Carlsson
(Text by confirmands from Vordingborg, music by Line Tjørnhøj)

 2. Readings: Frames
Synopsis: Anthropologist Birgitte Stampe Holst

3. Opera: Adam’s Apple
Recitativa: counter tenor Daniel Carlsson
Sound score made from the sound collage.

4. Mini documentary: Portrait – between child and adult
Media.dox: digital media artist Signe Klejs, composer Line Tjørnhøj and anthropologist Birgitte Stampe Holst

5. Opera: Scarlet Beast
Aria: cellist and performer Zoë Martlew

6. Interactive sound sculpture – Display and Hive Display
Visuals: digital media artist Signe Klejs
Visual composition by the 14 year-olds’ stop-motion films
Sound: composer Line Tjørnhøj

7. Opera: Falling
Recitativa: counter tenor Daniel Carlsson