Toivo Tulev album release

An upcoming album featuring works by Estonian Toivo Tulev includes works published by Edition·S. The premiere recording of ‘Flow, my tears’ and a recording of ‘Summer Rain’.

Photo: Tõnu Tormis
“For me, music has to do less immediately with its aesthetic contents, but with the truth, the road, and the life.”

Toivo Tulev expands the boundaries when it comes to technique and expression in vocal music. A number of works by the Estonian composer is comprised in our Theatre of Voices Edition, choir material published under the artistic leadership of conductor Paul Hillier. This includes the two a capella choir works now recorded by The Latvian Radio Choir conducted by Kaspars Putnins.

In the booklet of the CD, composer Eugene Birman writes: “Unlike that of many of his contemporaries, Tulev’s music can be experienced on a purely emotional, almost sensual level, in addition to the intellectual.”

Toivo Tulev’s music is characterized by a focus on religious mysticism. The enigmatic ‘Summer Rain’ (Suvine Vihm) combines text from the Advent hymn ‘Rorate caeli’ and a quotation from Jesus in St. John’s Gospel, and it forces the listener to return to it and listen again, to make sense of a music that does not offer answers easily.

Peruse the score of ‘Summer Rain’ here.

‘Flow, my tears’, was commissioned by, and is dedicated to Paul Hillier and Ars Nova Copenhagen. It is at once operatic and almost ascetic in character in phrases that end on a spare unison, contains an almost incantation-like quality.

Peruse the score of ‘Flow, my tears’ here.

Record released at Naxos 14 September
The Latvian Radio Choir, Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and a number of soloists conducted by Kaspars Putnins have recorded the album ‘Magnificat’ comprising six works by Toivo Tulev. The record is scheduled for release at Naxos Records Friday 14 September, and once the CD is released, sound bites from the recordings will be available here at

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