Transit – new Line Tjørnhøj collaboration in Gothenburg

Gothenburg · The Swedish vocal quartet Tetra will premiere ‘Transit’, a musical performance including new pieces by, among others, Line Tjørnhøj.

© Malin Skinnar

‘A musical performance about being lost together’. The Swedish vocal quartet Tetra will perform the world premiere of ‘Transit’ next week, 24-26 November at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In different ways, every one of us deals with unfamiliar places or situations on a daily basis. ‘Transit’ focuses on how to feel at home in the unknown and how to feel lost in familiar surroundings.

In addition to new pieces by composers Mads Edén, Sten Källmann and Ale Möller, ‘Transit’ will feature the world premiere of Line Tjørnhøj’s SAKER. The performance also includes poetry by a young Iraqi poet who has moved to Sweden.

“Music has the ability to bring us together,” Tjørnhøj says in the ‘Transit’ trailer, available below.

24-26 November
Konstepidemin Paviljong 8
Vocal quartet Tetra
Tickets: 215 SEK