TRIBUTES - Pulse selected for IFF Rotterdam

The art music and film project TRIBUTES - Pulse has been selected for The International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012, which is taking place January 25 to February 5. TRIBUTES - Pulse was created in 2010-11 by composer Simon Christensen and filmmaker Bill Morrison as a remix of art film, music and sound production. The title refers to the work as a tribute to the four american composers Charles Ives, Conlon Nancarrow, Steve Reich and Trent Reznor. TRIBUTES - Pulse was world premiered in Copenhagen June 16, 2011 at The Royal Danish Playhouse and has been shown at the Nouveau Cinéma in Montréal. 

Focusing on the new, innovative indie productions the International Film Festival Rotterdam presents a mix of cinema shows, film related art exhibitions and live performances. Hundreds of film makers and other artists will be presenting their work in Rotterdam in front of a general public. The festival goes on for 12 days and attracts a large number of visitors and professionals. The peak of The International Film Festival Rotterdam is the VPRO Tiger Award, which is given every year to new talents.