TUSK turned the street into an opera stage

The unusual opera "TUSK" premiered on May 7th 2016 turning the street Jægergårdsgade in Aarhus into an opera stage.

Foto: Anders Bigum

"TUSK" is written by Line Tjørnhøj and was performed by Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Concert Clemens and the vocal soloists Anna Ottertun, Daniel Carlsson og Truike van der Poel. Musicians and singers were all spread out in shops, private apartments, on terraces and in the street. 

Previous to the concert Line Tjørnhøj described the concept as a way of fulfilling a childhood dream. “Since I was a child I have dreamt of walking around in the orchestra pit while the opera played out; now, I make the orchestra come out into the street instead – fully formally dressed.” 

Line Tjørnhøj also mentioned, that she was composing with ‘chance’ in mind as a fellow performer – including the weather as a crucial unknown factor. On the day of the premiere the sun was shining from a clear blue sky, and the street was completely filled with a curious audience. 

If you missed the performance, you can watch the TV feature from TV2Østjylland and lots of photos from the event.

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