Two composers to be artistic managers of new music ensemble

The leading Danish ensemble for new music Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen has just announced a new Artistic Management to be engaged from May 1. Three profiles has been chosen to define the ensemble: The present Chief Conductor Pierre-André Valade and the two young composers Rune Glerup and Christian Winther Christensen.

The three artistic directors wish together to uphold and extend the international position of the ensemble. “This ambition has only grown the past years after the engaging of Pierre-André Valade as chief conductor”, Rune Glerup and Christian Winther Christensen say. The two composers have worked together on a wide range of projects since 1999. Amongst others they are known for developing new concert formats. To them curating and programming concerts is a natural extension of their work as composers.

Both composers know Pierre-André Valade from earlier projects with Athelas. Rune Glerup has even trained with the French composer. “We are on the same artistic wave length and have the same ambitions for the ensemble”, Christian Winther Christensen explains.

Glerup and Winther Christensen will also be Artistic Directors for the annual Athelas New Music Festival from 2013.