Upcoming Leif Kayser concerts

The celebration of Danish composer Leif Kayser's 100 years is taking place throughout 2019. Two upcoming concerts mark the occasion.

Leif Kayser at the organ in Solbjerg church, approximately 1985. (Photo: Werner Meyer)

Leif Kayser would have turned 100 in 2019, had he still been alive. On that occasion, a number of concerts and events throughout the year focus on the composer. 

On Tuesday 26 March a concert in Skovshoved Kirke gives the full insight into Leif Kaysers work for solo organ: 'Kirkeruder' (Church Panes). The work was written in 1975 dedicated to Skovshoved Kirke and to the artist Knud Lollesgaard's 7 church panes. The work was premiered that same year with the composer at the organ. At this concert - in 2019 - Jørgen Ellegaard, editor of the recent publication of Leif Kayser works will perform the work, and Karin Kryger will tell more about the motives of the church panes. 

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On Sunday 7 April a number of Leif Kayser's works will be performed at a concert in Mariendal Kirke, Frederiksberg. Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen will among other works perform excerpts from Kirkeruder and Marian Works and the church choir will perform excerpts from Leif Kaysers various motets which have just recently been published. Look through the score here. 

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