Video release · Jeppe Ernst

The ensemble NJYD hosts an online release event for the video production of Jeppe Ernst’s piece ‘Præludium (Aftensange)’ Friday 5 March at 20:00 UTC+1.

NJYD performing Præludium (Aftensange) på Jeppe Ernst. Video production by Klavs Kehlet

Jeppe Ernst often writes music where the human body is in play as a silent instrument, and about this piece, he says: “Præludium (Aftensange) might be seen as an intimate, musical ceremony: a silent theatrical play, a study of the relation between distance and control.”

The event takes place via Zoom and includes a short introduction, the screening of the video and an artist talk with Jeppe Ernst and the musicians from NJYD moderated by AUT chairman Frederik Sakham

The piece is published by Edition·S. Find the score here >>

Follow link to the event on Zoom >>