Vocal Works by Nancy Dalberg · New Publication

Edition·S is pleased to present a comprehensive collection of vocal works by Nancy Dalberg (1881–1949).

The collection consists of 50 songs, primarily with piano accompaniment, with lyrics by Nordic poets that were her contemporaries – Selma Lagerlöf, Jeppe Aakjær, Martin Andersen-Nexø, and Sophie Breum amongst others.

The songs represent a rich universe, which in the texts as well as melodies expresses much love, joy and zest for life – as well as longing, sorrow and loss. Although her vocal works are not the most extensive part of her compositional output, they give, through her choice of texts and the way in which she set them, an exceptionally clear picture of her as a person. 

The works are published in close collaboration with Jens Chr. Uldall-Hansen who has edited the publication and is moreover related to the composer. He has researched and worked with Nancy Dalberg’s music for many years, collected the works and written the preface to the collection as well as detailed notes on all of the songs.

Look through the vocal works of Nancy Dalberg here >>

Nancy Dalberg grew up in a prosperous entrepreneurial environment, where she aspired to become a concert pianist, but switched to studies in composition with Johan Svendsen in his last years, after which Carl Nielsen became her teacher and mentor. 

Dalberg composed several instrumental works, chamber music as well as works for orchestra. Despite her obvious musical talent, Nancy Dalberg had a hard time finding success as a composer in a male-dominated environment. In recent years, however, her music has begun to receive attention.

Edition·S published Dalberg’s three string quartets in 2018, and the first complete recording of them, performed by Nordic String Quartet, was released on Dacapo Records the following year. A book (in Danish) about the life and work of Nancy Dalberg and Hilda Sehested, written by Lisbeth Ahlgren Jensen, was published by Multivers in 2019.