Voices from the War

During this years Golden Days Festival Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir will premiere Line Tjørnhøj's “Voices from the War” on September 21st

Line Tjørnhøj has set music to an “Afghanistan-suite” - Voices from the War written by Anne-Cathrine Riebnitzsky, a language officer formerly deployed in Afghanistan. A choral work with gripping tales of destiny that show the face of war. The piece, commissioned by the Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir, is interrupted by sudden drill commands and radio communication from bomber aircraft but none the less lit with a glimmer of hope throughout. A hope that the sacrifices haven't been in vain and that the violent conflict nevertheless can find a peaceful resolution.   

The piece will be premiered 21 September at Frederiksberg Castle and marks the end of the Golden Days Festival which this year has the theme “1914”.

September 21st at 7.30 pm
Golden Days Festival 2014
Frederiksberg Castle (DK)
Line Tjørnhøj: Voices from the War
Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir