We’re off to Nordic Music Days (in London, unusually)

London · Works by three Edition·S composers are part of this year’s Nordic Music Days, which, unusually, takes place outside the Nordic countries.

Nordic Music Days 2017 logo.

This year’s Nordic Music Days takes place at the Southbank Centre in London. The festival, which features four days of music from the Nordic countries, follows up on last year’s Reykjavík edition by continuing the focus on northern lights as a source of inspiration.

The four days – 28 September to 1 October – will be filled with performances, workshops, conferences and talks, not to mention a lot of opportunities to meet and talk to artists, journalists and colleagues in the music industry.

Works by three Edition·S composers have been selected for the 2017 edition of the festival programme: Mette Nielsen’s ‘Song’ (2012, eight voices), Christian Winther Christensen’s ‘Nachtmusik’ (2010-11, five instruments) and Simon Steen-Andersen’s ‘Pretty Sound’ (2008, amplified piano solo).

Nordic Music Days 2017 is arranged by the Swedish Society of Composers in cooperation with Southbank Centre.

Mette Nielsen: Song
29 September, 13:00

Christian Winther Christensen: Nachtmusik
29 September, 19:00 & 21:15
Ensemble Distractfold

Simon Steen-Andersen: Pretty Sound
1 October, 14:00
The Riot Ensemble