World Premiere · Ejnar Kanding · Der Zauberlehrling

Ejnar Kanding has written the music for Der Zauberlehrling, a visualized concert that takes its point of departure in Johan Wolfgang von Goethe’s poem Der Zauberlehrling (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) from 1797.

Ensemble Contemporánea will premiere Der Zauberlehrling Friday 9 October in Copenhagen. Music by Ejnar Kanding, video by Simon Janssen, with Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen on clarinet and bass clarinet, playing the part of the sorcerer’s apprentice.

In 2021 the project will be developed into a music theater piece for children and grownups alike, including a workshop for students. 

Even though Goethe wrote Der Zauberlehrling more than 200 years ago, the poem seems more relevant than ever before. In the absence of the sorcerer the apprentice enchants a broom to make it fetch water for him. It starts as a relief but soon results in a flood, and the apprentice does not have the skills required to make the broom stop. 

The analogy with the climate change crisis of our time seems straightforward. The water is rising. It cannot be stopped. Will it turn in to the final disaster?

Read much more about the project on the website:

Ejnar Kanding: Der Zauberlehrling
Ensemble Contemporánea
BIBLIOTEKET Rentemestervej, Copenhagen (DK)
Friday 9 October 16:00 (Preview)
Friday 9 October 19:00 (Premiere)
Saturday 10 October 12:00

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